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Play Therapy in Wicklow, Ireland

Project Overview
Wen is a play therapist and she has been hard at work trying to upscale her skills. She therefore wanted to use a website to be able to showcase her skills, ability and to offer a look into play therapy and its process in helping young children cope with emotional and behavioural difficulties. As this was a big step for her, she was happy to provide her input on the whole process in terms of her brand colours but also what the content of the website would be.
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Design Process
Wen had an idea of her brand colour, and also her logo and how it would look. It required some input to include all of this into the website, while using a single page website layout, that would include all the information that Wen wanted to show on the website but without overwhelming users.
Favourite / Special Details
The website includes different buttons that all lead to either a contact form, or a booking system that clients can use to engage with Wen. The website is also dynamic in changing from light to dark depending on the website visitor's device.
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