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Sea Glass Jewellery, Craft, Art and Frames in Co Wicklow Ireland

Project Overview
Violine wanted to have a medium to sell her craft and art that she makes herself. Due to the worldwide situation, an ecommerce site was the best way of achieving this. Knowing that she had her favourite colour in mind, the process of setting up her website started with a new version out in 2021.
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Design Process
Once an idea of what Violine wanted was discussed, using her primary colour, and a logo she was happy with, the process of building an ecommerce site on woocommerce in wordpress started. The work also included branding with banners, coupons, business cards. Using the above, Violine was able to advertise her business on her social media platform. The design was originally done in gutenberg, but has now transferred to a proper website with a more seamless and custom made parts to reflect Violine's love for the sea, her favourite colour and also to showcase all her products, which are now easily searchable. This also involved a lot of work around her images and helping Violine update her products. Violine's craft is unique, therefore every new addition to the website requires a new product setup. Templates and walkthroughts have helped with this, as well as the knowledge and maintenance required to keep her site running 24/7.
Favourite / Special Details
Setting up an e-commerce site is never simple and required lot of work setting up products and all the options required to get the shop running as well as showcasing products in cards and grids. Ordering and payment gateways setup also required some input. As this website contains a lot of products and images, it required a lot of optimising to have enough speed for people browsing.