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Project Overview
Simon wanted to have a plaform to showcase his recipes. he had trialled a website using blog features in wordpress but felt he could show his skills in better presented posts. I was able to understand what his needs were, as there were plans to further develop his website into a gateway to his online courses.
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Design Process
First and foremost, a discussion around what were the needs and demographics Simon wanted to reach to. Then the process of identifying the tools and how to present them. It felt more appropriate in this instance to present the website in white and black as pictures of the recipes would pop with the vibrant colours they contained. As this is a recipe site, posts appearing within a blog was more appropriate, and at this time, gutenberg was the best option to show this. Simon continues to write up new exciting recipes to try and show his talents and he is working hard on his online course delivery.
Favourite / Special Details
Setting up a recipe blog website required a lot of redirection and linking. Also having blog posts for specific types of posts was important to show a difference in the structure.